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Large Peg Dolls with Cups Scarves and Hats 12 Gnomes 85 mm

Large Peg Dolls with Cups Scarves and Hats 12 Gnomes 85 mm


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The set is created according to the Montessori system. It fits perfectly for both small children and older children. There are no additional shades so that the child can easily recognise the main colours.

Educational features:

- Visual focusing.

- Think, memory.

- Sensory and fine motor skills.

- Endurance, diligence, attention.

- Skills of comparison, classification and analysis

- Concepts of colours, shapes and numbers.

- Role play for life situations

Materials: the gnomes and cups are made of solid basswood, covered with wood and with BIOFA wax, which contains only components of natural origin. Please note that the natural wax is a delicate case, so it is not recommended to wash it - it is better to wipe the details gently with a dry cloth. The wax cover is environmentally friendly, non-allergic and safe for even the smallest children. We use hypoallergenic felt for the soft tissues of the sorters. The tray for storage is made of birch plywood.


- 12 gnomes: height 85 mm.

- 12 cups: height 50 mm.

- 12 felt hats,

- 12 felt scarves.
  • Open game developed according to the Montessory education system
  • Includes 12 wooden stake dolls, 12 wooden cups, 12 felt hats, 12 felt scarves and a plywood bowl to keep everything in order
  • Develops visual focusing, thinking, memory, sensory and fine motor skills, endurance, working, attention
  • ✈ Helps study concepts of colour, shape, size; comparison, classification, analysis
  • Natural lime wood, safe wax cover, hypoallergenic felt, certified as 3+ children's product
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