Our story

Hi! My name is Daria and I want to introduce you to our Ulanik wooden toy factory. But first, I'd like to tell you about my family. This is Evzen, the head of our family and factory. And our three children – Max, Ilona and Miron, who are the main testers of our products. Our little fairy tale began in 2000 when I entered Technicka Univerzita in Liberci and met Evgen. After finishing our studies in architecture and drawing, we settled in Prague. After the birth of the babies, taking care of their development, I began to study the Montessori technique and the Waldorf toy and started to look for educational materials in Prague and other European cities. And then it turned out that there were very few toys of the quality that would suit me as an artist and a mother. "If you want to do well, do it yourself!" — I decided and started developing staying in maternity leave. Art education, independent research in the field of child psychology and development, and consultations of specialists and designers appeared to be very useful. Evzen was engaged in the implementation of development and production. The first toys that we considered suitable for the development of our children appeared in 2014-2015. This is how the Ulanik series of wooden eco-toys was born. The name was given by the dialect name of the fox, a frequent inhabitant of the Czech forests. Kids grow up and ask for new games, they are drawn to knowledge — and we do not disappoint them. We continue to develop new Ulanik toys, not forgetting to share our discoveries with the whole world!